How to Remove Shoe Polish From Your Carpet?

How to Remove Shoe Polish From Your Carpet?

If there is any problem with black polish to make your shoe smart is that you can get your carpet stained if it is spilled on it. In carpet cleaning, shoe polish removal is a very hard task to perform and if done wrong then it can also force you to buy a new carpet or rug for the place. But there is no need to do so because it will just take some elbow grease and you can remove shoe polish stains from the carpet very easily.

Steps To Remove Shoe Polish From The Carpet

Items required:

Paper towels
A bucket filled with water
Washing up liquid
Blunt knife or spoon

Steps To Follow:
  • Trick to get rid of any stain perfectly is to treat it immediately, the same is the case with shoe polish stains. The moment you see it, use a blunt knife or a spoon to scoop up any excess amount of polish for carpet stain removal. The main danger with black shoe polish is that it can be very easily spread, so you need to avoid pushing it further into the carpet fibers while scooping. When you don’t see any polish above the carpet surface then use a paper towel to blot up the stain.
  • Use a mixture of dishwasher detergent and water to dab the stain for dislodging. Then with a clean cloth to remove as much as shoe polish you can. If you observe the stain transferring to the cloth then continue the process by moving to the clean side of cloth. If you carry blotting with the same dirty cloth then it will also make the stain worse by rubbing it further deep into fibers.
  • If the steps mentioned above fails to work, then wait for the carpet to dry naturally and use nail polish remover in the same way. This method is gentle but is also very effective for carpet stain removal.
  • Still, if you are unable to get rid of shoe polish from your carpet then try ammonia to do it for you. Use ammonia and water in equal amounts to make a solution and blot up the stain as before. But before using this solution on the actual stained area test it on some hidden or inconspicuous area of the carpet. But make sure not to mix ammonia with bleach over because the chemical results can be very toxic.
Key steps:
  • Use a blunt knife or spoon to remove the excess amount of shoe polish from your carpet.
  • To blot the stain use soapy water.
  • If soapy water does not work then use nail polish remover and ammonia as the alternative.
How Can We Help You?

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