How To Remove Tomato Sauce Stains From your Carpet?

How To Remove Tomato Sauce Stains From your Carpet?

Nearly every child I know loves tomato sauce. The tangy, sharp taste can easily transform any boring meal into something more exciting. There is nothing wrong with all this but the problem is that children have an inbuilt ability to spill tomato sauce wherever they eat. And many children love to eat their food while sitting on your nice clean carpet. This can increase your hard work for carpet cleaning but there are some advanced methods to help you eliminating tomato sauce stains from your carpet.

Whether the stain is caused by tomato sauce, soup or juice, the carpet steam cleaning techniques remain the same. It may also take more than a single option to completely eradicate the tomato color from your carpet. We need to act quickly before it gets absorbed by the carpet fibers.

Scoop the Sauce Out

If the spill is still fresh then scoop up the remaining tomato sauce as much as possible. For scooping it out you can use a large spoon and bowl to deposit the scooped sauce. You can also use a spoon to scrape the partially dried sauce, or you can use a butter or plastic knife for effective carpet stain removal. Scrape and scoop from the outside edges to the center of the spill. Once you are done with this scooping and scraping, blot the stain with a sponge or dry white cloth. To wet the cloth or sponge using cold water and to avoid soaking the carpets wring out the excess water. Do not rub the cloth or sponge on cloth, you just need to blot and dab the spill to remove tomato sauce stain.

Lemon Will Help To Lift the Stain

Cut a lemon into half and rub it over the stain, rub the lemon in the same order as before from outside edges of the spill towards the center. But proceed to this step only when you have blotted most of the sauce stain out of the carpet. Wait for some time and then pour water on the stain. Use enough water to saturate the carpet fibers, make sure not to make any puddle in the carpet. Now use an absorbent white cloth to blot up the liquid. Now the stain should be gone, let the carpet dry in open.

Club Soda Solution

If the above-mentioned carpet stain removal techniques were not so effective then we can also use club soda for eliminating tomato-based stains from your carpet. Club soda does not have any dye or sugar as found in flavored soda so it would not leave any mess to attract ants. Pour some club soda over the stained area and blot it up using a plain paper towel or a dry cloth. Now mix a little amount of liquid dish wash with cold water and dab the remaining sauce residue with a cloth dipped in this soapy solution. If from dabbing stain does not come up completely then rub the towel from the outer edges towards the center to avoid spreading it on your carpet. At last, follow up with a white cloth to remove any of the remaining soapy solutions from the carpet. Now your carpet is free from tomato sauce stain.

How Can We Help You?

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