How To Take Care Of Carpets

How To Take Care Of Carpets

Carpets are the most used part of any home décor set up. You quite literally tread on it all day long. Try doing it on your sofa and your family in all likelihood will kick you out. So it makes sense that they require the most care as well. But how do you do that? Fret not because we at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are experts at everything for carpets. And so today we are going to let you in on a few trade secrets to take care of that carpet you so adore.

These are the ways to take care of your carpets:


What people tend to forget most of the time is that a carpet is a decorative piece. It is form over function. So it stands to reason that it needs special protection too. For that, you need carpet pads and not just any ones, the perfect ones. Don’t buy the pads based on their thickness as looks can often be deceptive. Instead, buy based on the density of the material. The industrial standard is at 8 lbs density for a pad for a carpet seeing some traffic.


Just like anything else, carpets require maintenance. And the first step towards that is cleaning. So in order to keep that beloved rug of yours clean, vacuum clean ever so often. However, while it may seem easy to do to you, make sure that you are doing it properly. So how do you do it properly? Well, operate it at its highest setting and then lower it down till you feel it tugging at the carpet. When this state is achieved, start cleaning.


Remember the story where the man killed his golden egg-laying goose for a quick buck? A lot of people tend to do the same when it comes to carpets. No, they don’t slit it open. But, they do tend to be in a hurry to put it back out again. This often comes at the cost of the carpet not drying properly. This causes all kinds of issues like matting etc. So, in order to avoid this, let your carpet dry for at least 12 hours before putting it down and furniture on it.


Just so we are clear, even plants can’t take in too much water. If you overwater them, you are making them weak. So it stands to reason that nothing needs too much water. Like carpets. So if you are using a rented machine to clean your carpet, don’t let it pump too much water into it. Otherwise it will become a little too hard to suck the moisture out.


Lastly and most importantly, get the professionals to do the carpet steam cleaning for you. Like us at Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. We will do a better job than you on any given day.