How To Treat Burn Marks On The Carpet?

How To Treat Burn Marks On The Carpet?

Carpets are essential in our homes and offices. They not only provide us with the soft and comfortable ground to walk upon but also add beauty and luxury to our interior decor. With time a carpet can suffer chronic withering which will lead to wear and tear. There are some kinds of damages that a carpet can face out of which burn damage is the worst. If your carpet suffers burn damage its advisable that you hire professional cleaners for carpet burn repair service and restoration.

You can also treat carpet burn marks on the carpets if their intensity is low and burn mark is less severe. In this blog, we are going to provide you with a simple guide on treating burn marks on a carpet. Follow the steps and instructions mentioned below and treat burn marks on a carpet by yourself.

How To Treat A Carpet Burn Patch

  1. If the intensity of the burn mark is low and small, you can use a scissor to cut away the damaged patch of the burnt carpet. You can also cut the burnt fibers if there is no hole in the carpet.
  2. Carefully cut away some carpet fibers from near a wall or inside a closet. Make sure you don't cut any carpet fiber from the center of the carpet
  3. Use any transparent glue and fix those freshly cut fibers on the burnt spot on the carpet.
  4. Let the glued fibers dry naturally and don't stick extra patch or it will appear ugly or bad.
  1. First and foremost, use sharp scissors to cut out the damaged patch of the carpet. Burnt parts can be easily removed and make sure you don't cut excessively.
  2. Use a mild detergent and rinse a cloth in the detergent water solution to clean the burnt patch and to remove any blackness present.
  3. Now cut out a fresh patch from a donor carpet or any non-usable patch from the carpet. Make sure the size of the donor patch is bigger than the damaged or burnt patch of the carpet.
  4. Now place the donor patch on the burnt cut-out patch on the carpet carefully.
  5. Now you should use a utility knife to carefully cut out the edges and extra carpet fibers from the donor.
  6. Make sure that the donor patch exactly fits in the burnt patch of the carpet before fixing it their permanently.
  7. Use any transparent glue or double-sided tape, apply this glue or tape to the newly added piece of the donor carpet. Let the patch dry and fix it on the carpet permanently.
Professional Assistance

The above-mentioned methods are limited to less severe or small burn marks on the carpet. If your carpet has suffered severe burn damage then it's highly suggested that you hire the professional carpet burnt repair technicians. We provide our customers with all kinds of carpet repair services and carpet restoration services.

Our professional carpet technicians can handle and restore any amount of damage suffered by the carpet effectively,y. We are equipped with all the latest tools and tools, necessary to deliver the best carpet repair results for you. Hire our professional Carpet Repair Service in Brisbane at affordable costs today and get your carpets restored no time.