How You Can Choose Pet Friendly Carpet? 

How You Can Choose Pet Friendly Carpet? 

You might be one of those people who own a cat or dog and you would also feel that your carpets are not suitable for your house. Pet can create mess in your house and even your precious carpeting. This does not mean that you need to compromise with your carpets. However, the experts of carpet cleaning suggest it important to choose the ideal type of carpets which can enhance the beauty of home. Here are some tips that can help you in choosing pet friendly carpets.

Some Important Tips to Choose Best Carpets for Pets

Consider Polypropylene Carpet

Pet urine stains or muddy paws can make your carpet dirty. The carpet cleaning services provider suggest you not to use wool carpets if you have pets. These are quite sensitive and needs proper care. So, it is important to make use of light weight carpets. This is because you can easily maintain its cleanliness by regularly vacuuming carpets.

Choosing Cut Pile Carpet

The loop pile carpets usually consist of yarn loops for creating a curved finishing. They are usually considered as the most hardwearing carpet types. Unfortunately, the loop pile carpets are not ideal for houses with dogs or cats. This is because the claws of dogs and cats can easily get stuck inside the loops and they can result in torn carpet. Pets love to pull the carpet loops up and your carpet might get ruined in no time.

Choose Patterned or Dark Coloured Carpet

It is no surprise to say that the light-colored carpets would show up every tiny bit of dust, hair or general soiling and it would leave you with a lot of worries as well as work for keeping it clean. The dark coloured or patterned carpets on the other hand are quite forgiving. Hence, this is the major reason why the experts of carpet steam cleaning suggest to choose dark colored and patterned carpets.

Regular Care and Maintenance

It does not matter whether you carpet is pet friendly or not it would need meticulous hygiene if you have pets in your house. This usually includes daily vacuuming of carpets for being sure that no dirt or pet hair is being grounded inside the fibers of the carpet. You should be aware of the fact that every spill or accident on your carpet needs to be cleaned as soon as possible for minimizing the risk of staining or lingering odours.

Hire Experts for Better Cleaning of Carpets

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