Is Your Carpet Deteriorating and Contaminating the Indoor Air?

Is Your Carpet Deteriorating and Contaminating the Indoor Air?

Almost every other household has a carpet installed in a room, hall or lounge. Carpets are the most common choice when it comes to cover the floors of any home, residence or commercial space. With the astonishing colours, designs and patterns, any carpet can add beauty and elegance to the interior decor. Our bedrooms may look incomplete without a good and beautiful carpet installation. Carpets are prone to a daily settlement of dirt, dust and grime so it becomes important for you to clean them regularly. It's highly suggested that you follow the routine cleaning of the carpet to maintain its appearance and condition.

Any problem linked to the carpet can directly affect the home environment and your health. The condition of the carpet can also directly impact the indoor air that you breathe in. Poor maintenance and neglecting the cleaning of the carpet can drastically affect the indoor air. Always remember that even a clean looking carpet can pose danger to your home environment and health. Make sure you hire professional carpet cleaning services frequently to keep the carpets clean and in good condition. Professionals can deliver various kinds of services to address various issues with a carpet.

How Can A Carpet Affect The Indoor Air?
  • Germs And Pathogens
    Even a clean carpet can be the breeding ground for varieties of germs and pathogens. Overlooking carpet stain removal can compromise the hygiene of the carpet by promoting germ growth. These germs can cause health ailments if you are exposed to them. It must be noted that some viruses and bacteria present within the carpet can become airborne and contaminate the indoor air. Some bacteria decompose organic matter and produce bad dour. This bad odour can make your carpet stink which will further deteriorate the indoor air quality. Professionals can deliver carpet sanitisation and carpet deodorisation services to terminate these terms. Carpet steam cleaning services can also be hired for deep and hygienic cleaning of any carpet.
  • Dirt, Dust And Mud
    As we know that any carpet tends to accumulate copious amounts of dirt and dust with time. This collected dirt is not only dangerous for the carpet but can also affect the indoor air and home environment. Dust will get suspended in the indoor air you breathe. Constantly breathing in a dust loaded air can affect your lung health and breathing efficiency. The air contaminated with dust and dirt can aggravate the symptoms of the asthmatic people and can also damage the health of the elderly and kids. Professionals can deliver carpet shampooing and or washing services to get rid of all the dirt settled within the carpet.
  • Allergens, Contaminants and Pollutants
    It is very important to know that a carpet is a hub of contaminants, pollutants and allergens. Carpets can trap many kinds of allergens like pet hair, dander, pollen, spores etc. these allergens can get suspended in the indoor air and cause allergies and irritations. Some of the commercial products used for carpet cleaning are manufactured using harmful chemicals. These chemicals and toxic compounds will contaminate the carpet and the indoor air. Also, a carpet can trap various pollutants coming from the indoors or the outdoors. So it becomes highly advisable for you to hire professional carpet cleaning services to get rid of these allergens and contaminants.
Professional Assistance

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