Quick Way To Restore Pet Damaged Carpets

Quick Way To Restore Pet Damaged Carpets

Carpets are prone to suffer damage through heavy use and various other sources. We all love our pets and we consider them to be a part of our family. But pets and carpets don't fix very well. A pet cat or dog can damage a carpet to a great extent. Their sharp paws and claws can tear the carpet fibres easily and its highly suggested that you repair the carpet asap. Professional Carpet Repair Service in Perth can be hired for carpet damage restoration. Simple gnaw marks and small tears on the carpets can easily be restored by you. All you need to do it either find a donor carpet or use an extra piece from the carpet installed in your place. So in this blog, we are going to provide you with two DIYs to restore the pet damaged carpets in no time. Follow the instructions mentioned below and restore your carpet to new.

Carpet Pet Damage Restoration

For simple paw marks or tearing of carpet fibres
1. Sharp nails of a pet dog or cat will cut the carpet fibres or leave permanently damaged marks on the carpet.
2. You can fix this kind of pet damage on the carpet by removing or cutting the damaged fibres and pasting fresh fibres over it.
3. Using a scissors carefully cut out all the damaged fibres from the carpet and make sure you only cut the damaged fibres along with the pet damage marks.
4. Now you need to cut some fresh fibres from a donor carpet or the same carpet. You can cut away some fibres from the bottom of the carpet or from near a wall or carpet put under a closet or furniture.
5. Now using any transparent glue, carefully fix those freshly cut fibres over the damaged patch or trail on the carpet. Make sure you don't use the excess of glue and don't paste the fibres in large numbers as it may appear ugly.
6. Let the glued fibres dry naturally and use a scissor to cut out extra protruding carpet fibres or to add a finish along with the damaged and undamaged patch of the carpet.

For Sever Carpet Tears or Holes Dug by Pets

1. Carpet pet damage can be very severe if the pet dug a hole in a carpet or damaged a large area onto the carpet. You can easily fix this kind of carpet pet damage through carpet patching.
2. First, you need to measure the size of the damaged part of the carpet to the hole. Keeping in mind the shape of the damaged patch, carefully cut out the damaged piece from the carpet. Make sure you apply enough pressure to cut bout only the carpet layers without damaging the padding beneath.
3. Now you need to cut a fresh piece from a donor carpet or from the remnants of the same carpet. Make sure the measurements are exact of the damaged and donor piece.
4. Now you need to attach this donor piece on the damaged part of the carpet which you just cut out.
5. Use any glue or double-sided tape and carefully fix the donor peice on the cut-out part. You have to ensure that the measurements are exact or else the donor piece won't fit in.
6. Use the scissors again and cut the protruding carpet fibres and make sure you don't cut excessively or the repair will be visible.
7. Put any kind of weight or a heavy object on the donor piece so that it may easily fix itself.

Professional Assistance

Carpets can suffer various kinds of damages coming from various sources. Many forms of damages can compromise the overall integrity of the carpet installation. We advise you to hire our professional carpet technicians for Water Damage Restoration Perth. We provide our customers with all kinds of carpet repair services at affordable costs. We have a highly-skilled and trained staff of carpet technicians. Equipped with all the special tools precise equipment, we can handle and restore any amount of damage suffered by the carpet in no time.

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