Removing Chewing Gum Stains From the Carpet

Removing Chewing Gum Stains From the Carpet

Chewing gum is sticky, so if any kid or anyone throws it on the carpet, then it bonds with the carpet fabric within seconds and it can be very annoying to remove it. However, you should break it anyways, as it not only makes the carpet look ugly but chewing gum stains can be very messy too. There are some methods to remove the stains which are as follows:

The Sum Should Be Frozen

Some ice cube and a Zip bag is required. The ice cubes should be kept in the zip lock bag and over the chewing gum stain. Because of cooling the chewing gum hardens. It can be plucked easily after that. The zip bag should be left on the stain for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes are over the ice bag should be pulled off, with the aid of a metal spoon or knife, and then the gum should be removed using the same tools slowly. The same technique should be followed continuously until the entire chewing gum is removed completely.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solvent

To remove the chewing gum stains, a commercial carpet cleaning solution can be bought or purchased from nearby general stores and used. The stain should be scrapped gently with the plastic spoon simultaneously, while the solvent is acting on the gum. The knife should not be used as the sharp edges might damage the carpet.

After scraping the surface should be plotted with clean cloth so that it dries. Then a folded table cloth should be kept, and the cloth should be pressed with a very heavy item, so that the remaining water gets absorbed. However scrubbing can damage the carpet, and most carpets also very delicate, so they might not be able to take in or tolerates the solvents. So, if you love and truly value your beautiful carpets and don't want to take any kind of risks, then please call our professional carpet cleaners. Professional carpet cleaners definitely own the right equipment and tools that will help you to get rid of the chewing gum stains safely, effectively and easily.

Our Carpet Cleaning Professionals Are Perfect Why?

Initially chewing gum stains are hard to remove, however by using appropriate effective methods, it is definitely possible to get rid of these sticky and yucky unwanted stains. The above-prescribed methods definitely work on chewing gum stains. However you can rely on our carpet cleaning professionals completely if the stain has got deep into your carpet and you find it very difficult to remove. Our cleaning solvent tools equipment’s are of the best quality undoubtedly. Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are surely one of the best recommended and desired carpet cleaning association in several places. Carpet Cleaning Moonee Ponds have the adroitness for the service on the same day of booking. Time has given us more experience and knowledge and hence our team is highly skilled and professional. Services can be booked online or by calling our numbers.