Some Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Removing Stains From Carpet

Some Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Removing Stains From Carpet

If you want to remove carpet stains effectively then you should have knowledge about the effective cleaning methods. The cleaning method is not the only thing, which matters for effective cleaning, but the involvement of the carpet stain removal product is also vital. Other than this, there are some of the things which a person do while removing the stains but they should avoid doing as it can increase their problem and lead to permanent stain.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Saturating Carpet With Cleaner

When we talk about removing the carpet stains, using remover in too much amount is something that is avoided by the experts of carpet cleaning. This is because pouring too much carpet cleaning agent will leave residue behind that will be stuck in deep fibers and attract dirt. Instead of doing this, you should spritz a clean cloth with the solution and then apply it carefully on the stained area.

Rubbing Too Much

If you are vigorously rubbing the stained area that it will do more harm to your carpet. However, this will lead the stain to be settled in the deep fibers of the carpet. The better approach than rubbing which you can do is simply dabbing and working from the outside of the stain to the center of stain. You should try your best not to damage the pile of the carpet.

Pouring Water on to Rinse

You should avoid the flooding to rinse the carpet because the carpet cleaning services provider found that oversaturating the carpet damage the fiber as well as padding of carpet. The better alternative to flooding the carpet is using a spray bottle filled with clean and cool water to spray water on the stained area. You need to blot the area with a clean cloth and continue to spray until the traces have been removed.

Using Only Single Cloth

The best way for removing most of the stain from the carpet is using different absorbent cloth for soaking the stain. You should one cloth for blotting and dissolving stain while other cloth for applying carpet stain removal product. You should continuously turn the cloth while removing the stain to avoid the collected stain getting back to carpet fiber. Once you are done with removing stain, you should rinse it with clean cloth.

Skipping the Paper Towel in End

It is a thought of a person that removing and rinsing the stained carpet is enough, but the carpet settled in the deep fibers reappears when the carpet is dried. However, if you want to avoid this, you should lay the stack of paper towel in the damp carpet area and leave it for the night. The drying of the carpet will help the stain to get stuck on the paper towel and get removed from the fibers of the carpets.

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