Strategies To Remove Drywood Termites

Strategies To Remove Drywood Termites

Termites are one of the most stubborn insects all over the world. Termites are the insects who bang their head into the walls and shake their bodies whenever they feel that their colony is disturbed. When they shake their bodies they produce a clicking sound. And, you can hear these sounds when you do drywood termite pest control.

Know Your Termite
In the world we live in, we can find two types of termites. One of them is subterranean termites who usually attack wooden furniture made up of dry wood and subterranean. These termites are living in both wood and soil and they are very likely in moist conditions. They choose moist places to build or make their colonies.

Usually, these termites are present under the homes, where they work very hard to destroy the wooden furniture. And, they are not comfortable with their cousins to dry wood termites, who do not like to thrive in moist places. Drywood termites love to live in dry areas, like inside the dry wood, walls, etc.

Any of the termites you have in your home, it's not good for you. They can be very dangerous or disastrous for your home. As they live inside the dry wood furniture, you will not be able to predict how much damage they have done. So, in this topic, we will talk about how you can do termite drywood control.

Identify Termite Infestation
  • You should check if there is any hole or not in your dry wood furniture. If you see any hole in your furniture, then, fill it with steel nails. It can be a sign that termites are building up their colony inside that hole.
  • The other symptom of the termite attack you can see is that the wooden furniture is dropping sawdust which leads to cracks in invisibility on the furniture.
  • You can also see that mud tubes have also been formed on the walls which is a sign of the presence of subterranean termites.
So, these are the symptoms you will get if the termites have attacked your home.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Wood
For residential pest control, it's better that you seek or look for any professional. But, there are also some do-it-yourself tips by which you can do dry wood termites control.
  1. Exposure to sunlight: Termites love moist places and hate hot or mild conditions. So, direct exposure to sunlight can lead them to death as they cannot tolerate heat. What can you do? You can place your wooden furniture in sunlight for at least two days, due to heat the termites will die.
  2. Make a cupboard trap: Cupboards are made up of wood and have a very strong smell of wood. It attracts all the termites for trapping. After their trapping you should burn the cupboard.
  3. Spray boric acid: For drywood termite control, a solution of boric acid mixed with water is very effective. The boric acid solution is the non-toxic solution that ensures the death of termites.
So, these are the tips for drywood termite pest control services. Following these steps will help you to get rid of the dry wood termites and you don’t have to worry about your drywood furniture anymore.