The Differences Between Area Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning

The Differences Between Area Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning

Rugs are thick woven fabric that is used as a floor covering and are placed at a certain area. Rugs are mostly placed under dining tables, sofas, and other furniture. They are mostly used for beautifying the house. Rugs have attractive designs and beautiful colours that make any home look pretty. An area rug is easy to move and placed anywhere you want.

Carpets are used as a floor covering but from wall to wall. It is installed all over the hard floor to provide warmth and insulation. A carpet is made of thick fabric which provides friction and doesn’t cause any slipping. Carpet is a very useful component for every home.
Rugs and carpet are essential commodities. They are expensive and are prone to getting dirty because of the debris that gets deposited on it. Their cleaning is necessary to make it durable. Without proper cleaning, a rug or carpet’s quality degrades.

If you think that cleaning of rugs and carpets is the same, then you are mistaken. Carpets and rugs might look similar, but the cleaning method used for them is different. For effective and efficient cleaning, you should know the difference between their cleaning process.
The Differences Between Area Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning. Get Easy Remedies for Carpet Cleaning from our experts.

Placing of The Carpets And Rugs

As we know, rugs can be moved, and carpets are fixed permanently. A rug is small in size, and a carpet covers the whole flooring from wall to wall. Thus, green carpet cleaning is done while it’s on the floor. and rug cleaning can be done by removing it from the original place. Therefore, the technique used for both these components is different.

Removing Dry Impurities

In comparison with carpets, the fabric used for rugs is much thicker. The thickly woven fabric used for a rug is an ideal position for dry debris such as soil, dust, pollen, etc. to settle. Such impurities get settled in the base layer of a rug. Comparatively, a carpet is thinner. Therefore, regular vacuum cleaning helps in removing dirt and dust from it, but for removing dry debris from rugs, a vacuum cleaner won't work effectively.

Colour Bleeding

The purpose of carpets and rugs is different. The colour and texture are also different. Rugs are made to beautify the place. Therefore, rugs have multiple vibrant colours and designs to make it look attractive, whereas carpets are mostly made up of just a single colour.
There’s less chance of colour bleeding in carpets, but in rugs, there are multiple colours and chances are more for colour bleeding. Therefore, the cleaning methods used for carpets and rugs are different to avoid colour bleeding.


Carpets are from wall to wall, and rugs are a piece of fabric which are placed under furniture. The carpet is installed tightly to avoid any slipping while walking. A carpet has no fringes at its edges and corners. Therefore, there is no chance of damaging the fringes.
Rugs are small size carpets that have fringes at its edges and corners. Therefore, special care should be taken while cleaning rugs to avoid any damage to the fringes. If the fringes get damaged, the fabric fibres become loose and weak.

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