Ways to Extend the Life Span of Your Carpets

Ways to Extend the Life Span of Your Carpets

Carpet is a beautiful and expensive investment in a house; it is also the center of attraction of the room. This is because the maximum of the visible space is taken by your carpets and that naturally draws attention. But carpets are presentable only when they look new and are properly maintained through carpet cleaning. After being used for years, carpets need to be replaced but you can extend the life span of your carpet by following the steps provided below:

Invest in Good Vacuum Cleaner

The quality of your vacuum cleaner has a great role in maintaining your carpet. Low-quality vacuum cleaners are not good for proper carpet cleaning. Small debris and allergens can remain deep inside your carpet fibers and can also result in premature wear and tear of your carpet. To avoid this, it is important to invest in a good quality of vacuum cleaner. This high-quality vacuum cleaner can reach deep into your carpet and you can also get rid of small debris through its powerful suction.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

We all know how to use a vacuum cleaner. Dust your house before using vacuum cleaner; make sure that the vacuum bag is always empty, vacuum over high traffic areas multiple times, and make sure that vacuum is set to proper flow ratio for more efficient results of professional carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming ensures that your carpet is free of mold, dust mites, debris, and other harmful impurities.

Have No Shoe Policy on Your Carpet

This is a very common policy in many households. Because no matter how clean your shoes look but they also carry several things harmful for your carpet. Many oils, dust particles are some of the things that can attach by themselves to your shoes. And when you walk on your carpet with the shoes then these dust particles, oils get deposited on your carpet. And if the same happens for a long time then your carpets will not last for long.

Clean All Spills and Stains Immediately

If anything is spilled or stained on your carpet then you need to act quickly and clean them. Because longer the stain settles, harder will be to eliminate it, and greater will be the damage to your carpet. This can also lead to a permanent stain on your carpet. You need to immediately blot the stain from your carpet but in this technique of carpet stain removal do not rub the stain.

Rearrange Your Furniture or Use Throw Rugs

Using rugs or mats at the entrances and all high traffic areas of your property can surely increase the life span of your carpet. The kitchen, hallways are some more often used areas of the house and placing mats over there will automatically reduce the amount of dust reaching your carpet. Rugs can be very easily replaced or cleaned so it makes this process cost-effective also.

Rearranging your furniture after some time is also a brilliant way to stop the uneven wear and tear on your carpet. when you will rearrange the furniture then it will also give your house a new fresh look and will also establish new traffic areas in your house.

How Can We Help You?

Hiring carpet cleaning experts once in a year can also help to extend the lifespan of your carpet. Types of equipment used by professionals are highly powerful and are more effective. You can contact Carpet Cleaning HobartSqueaky Clean Rugs for professional carpet cleaning services at your home. We can carry out all types of carpet cleaning methods to provide you best results in Hobart.