What is Best For You Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning? 

What is Best For You Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning? 

The major debate that has been roaming in the industry of carpet cleaning is about choosing the best method of cleaning. People usually say that a low-moisture or dry cleaning method does not work as good as the carpet steam cleaning methods. Hence, the people who usually use the dry cleaning method states that wet cleaning can overwet your carpet. However, this enhances the growth of mould on your carpet fibers. Moreover, it can also leave behind crusty or soapy residue in deep fibers damaging its look. The debate on both the cleaning methods is a never ending process and choosing the best one among both carpet cleaning method is completely dependent upon the personal choice of a person.

How You Can Differentiate Between Both Cleaning Methods?

Major Problem With Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning Method

You need to think about the fact that if dirty water has been removed from your carpet then the moisture left behind on carpet would be the same as the dirty water. The experts of carpet cleaning have proven the fact that you can remove dirty water from the carpet. All you need to do this to rinse and wash carpet thoroughly as many as 16 times while cleaning.

The tactic used by steam cleaning services provider to prove that previously hired cleaner has done a good job by demonstrating this fact. They usually go back to the area that would have been cleaned and show the presence of dirty filthy water in carpet.

Steam Cleaning is Not Environment-Friendly

It has been found that carpet steam cleaning method is certainly not an eco-friendly process. The equipment that is used by experts for wet cleaning of carpet is costly, heavy, noisy, and have high maintenance and it burn a lot of fuel as well as put out toxic exhaust fumes. It usually takes much fuel or power by the equipment to complete the process of cleaning. Moreover, the experts have problem to find a place where they can dump the chemically affected dirty water. It would not be a pleasant thought to go for wet cleaning if you can go for dry cleaning.

Advantage of Dry Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning business has been in existence for many years and it has been developing. The modern low moisture cleaning methods can provide you thoroughly cleaned carpets in less than an hour. The stains cleaned by dry carpet cleaning methods would not also come back and carpets would repel dirt after cleaning. This would allow your carpet to stay in good condition for a longer time. The equipment involved in dry cleaning are lightweight, cheap, maintenance free, easy to store, use and transport. You would not have needed to use fuels or toxic exhaust and need for dumping water is zero. The dry carpet cleaning methods usually involve the use of eco-friendly agents and that would be safe for your family as well.

Which Cleaning Method is Best?

It completely depends upon the circumstances that which cleaning method would suit you. When it is about situation where leaking pipes, severe weather, leaking roof, severe weather, overflowing sinks, and improperly sealed windows has caused water damaged then carpet steam cleaning method would be best. This method is recommended by the expert who does not want to live with water-damaged carpets.

Hence, for regular commercial as well as residential carpet cleaning of the carpets it would be best to go with organic cleaning of carpet. This is because it is an entirely safe cleaning method and your carpets would be dried in no time. This method is known for doing an amazing job to remove soils, stains and spots from the deep fibers of carpet.

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