What Is Carpet Patching & How It Fixes The Carpet?

What Is Carpet Patching & How It Fixes The Carpet?

At some point when a specific region of the carpet gets damaged, you can do nothing with the exception of concealing the region. What's more, on the off chance that you have purchased the carpet recently, you need to keep the spot hidden for even longer. However, there's a way to make the carpet totally fixed and make the carpet look like earlier. The procedure which is followed to fix the damaged area of carpet is known as carpet patchings, this method can only be performed if the damaged region on the carpet is under 1 sq. ft or equivalent to 1 sq. ft. The patched area immersed with the rest of the carpet, but remain noticeable.

Supplies Required To Do The Carpet Damage Repair:
  • A matching piece of carpet. (to replace the damaged area)
  • A utility knife.
  • Double sided strong adhesive tape.
  • Measure tape.

If you don’t have the matching piece of carpet, you can get it from the same carpet, it’s like surgery. Remove a small piece of carpet using the utility knife from a place which is hidden, you can remove this piece from under the bed. But before cutting, use a measuring tape to know the exact size required for the carpet patching.

Cut The Damage Area.

Use your utility knife and remove the damaged region of the carpet, it’s better to use a chalk to draw a line around the area, so that you can cut the damaged area precisely.
Replace The Area With The Matching Piece Of The Carpet.

First measure the piece of the carpet, then flip it and apply double sided tape. Now, press the carpet patch against the carpet and use a roller to make the patch fit in the space. Leave the area covered with a flat heavy object.

Call Professionals

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