Why Does Your Carpet Gets Dirty Even After Cleaning? 

Why Does Your Carpet Gets Dirty Even After Cleaning? 

The experts of carpet cleaning have found that customers have put their carpet cleaned because their carpet would get dirty even after cleaning. Mostly people think that this might turn out to be an urban myth. The carpet is cleaned generally with best methods but in case, if your carpet is not cleaned properly then it can develop resoiling. You carpet is prone to get dirty again if the experts you have not cleaned it properly. There are many reasons that can be behind the same reason.

Reason Why Your Carpet Get Dirty

Failure to Vacuum Before the Carpet Steam Cleaning

It is quite important for a person to the vacuum and removes all the loose particles before going for carpet steam cleaning. In case, the loose particles are not removed, they could wick back to the surface of your carpet when it is dried. This would also give a new appearance to your carpets and it will enhance the beauty of your house interior.

Using the Cleaning Solution While Steam Cleaning

Various detergents cannot remove oily residues from your carpet. The cleaning could remove dirt that is stuck in the deep fibers of your carpet. However, your carpet might look clean because of oil but sticky oil is still present in your carpet. This also enables dust, dirt and other contaminants to get easily accumulated in carpet fibers. The expert cleaner suggest using ideal detergent for removing oils and soils.

Not Pre-Spraying the Detergent

Some cleaners usually put detergent inside the cleaning solution for saving time. This could leave a lot of dust and harmful particles as well as it will turn your carpet sticky. For this, it is suggested by the experts of carpet cleaning to pre-spray the detergent before cleaning. Moreover, it would not leave any kind of sticky residue, provide proper time to your detergent, and provide effective cleaning.

Failure to Rinse

Hence, people who wish to clean carpets quickly do not rinse it properly and doing the same leaves a sticky residue on your carpet and it attracts dirt and allergens. This would make you suffer from many diseases and the cleaning of your carpet would get degraded. Your carpet would look like that it has not been cleaned for a very long time.

Too Much Water on Lighter Carpet

Every carpet comes with a jute backing or padding that reacts with water. This backing is mainly brown in color and if you are using too much water then padding can fade its color as well as it can wick to the end of carpet yarn. The entire process is known as browning and it requires your effort for removing the stain caused by backing.

These errors usually occur during the carpet cleaning process when the experts are not trained properly. However, they try to cut the stained corners of your carpet to easily and quickly finish the process of carpet cleaning. It is quite important for a person to take these points inside consideration whenever you seek for expert cleaning of your carpet. In case, if this is not possible then you should ask experts why your carpet is appearing dirty even after cleaning, this would help you to get a valid answer. Moreover, it would be easy for you to find out the best solution to overcome this problem.

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