Personal Living Space and IMAGE

Personal Living Space and IMAGE

I – M – A – G – E!!

Why not try this small exercise in being objective about our personal living space.

I MAGINE standing at the doorway of your main living room, personal area or favourite room. What do you see? Would you describe it as tidy, messy, stark, inviting, warm, cold, chaotic, peaceful, inspiring, blank, colourful, dull or does it just look like your favourite place to be?

M AKE a note of all the furnishings, the seating, the tables, storage, floor coverings, window coverings, as well as colour, lighting, wall hangings or artwork etc. etc. What do they tell you – honestly? Does it represent a positive home and the home of your family? Is each piece in good order or at least practical and useful for it’s design purpose? Or, are you living with old and impractical furniture and furnishings, not quite having the time, budget or energy to consider what could really be achieved to make it that favourite place to be?

A IM to view yourself or you and your family represented by those surroundings – does it fit the bill? Perhaps you may be in an outmoded comfort zone which is so tired and uninspiring that it makes you tired and uninspired. Consider the colour and textures. Do they hit a chord? If not, why. Colour itself is the single most inspiring and satiating decorating tool one can use to create the right mood and character suited to your personal space.

G AUGE your reaction when you view the surfaces of the furniture, such as the coffee table, book shelves, sideboards, bedsides, office desk whatever room you are viewing. How do you react? Do you feel a sense of pleasantness, pride, interest perhaps, and above all comfort?, or to do you react with horror, feel embarrassed or possibly can’t even see the surfaces for the clutter?

E VALUATE what you have just pictured in your observations.

Welcome to your image!

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