Signature style - Elizabeth Bay home

Signature style - Elizabeth Bay home

A recent commission to develop a distinctive interior colour scheme for Sydney based accessories designer Peter Lang in his newly refurbished Victorian terrace home in Elizabeth Bay was the perfect opportunity for Lick Colour & Design Ltd to delve into the Resene colour spectrum and spark the colour senses.

Entering the house one is immediately confronted with the cocooning universe of pure colour in the form of Resene Scarlet (spicy blue red). Throughout the interior a custom-mixed cool minimalist white provides the perfect backdrop for the client's impressive collection of art.

Resene Oilskin (deep grey brown) was selected for its complexity for the master bedroom to create a rich masculine ambience. Moving into the slick kitchen cum dining area a wall of Resene Digeridoo (rich ox blood) stylishly contrasts the featured artwork joined by a zesty dab of Resene Lemon Ginger (deep and spicy mustard green) in the minimalist kitchen.

The piece de resistance is the framing of the Murano Chandeliers with Resene Decadence (true ultramarine) while a bold splash of Resene Wazzup (mustard yellow) behind the original marble mantle evokes the hues of the accompanying paintings.

The palette doesn't stop there with Resene Belladonna (fuchsia berry), Resene Mamba (smoky lilac), Resene Sisal (light neutral) and Resene Triple Tapa (swampy brown) also finding themselves a home.

The palette is flattered by Resene low sheen and flat finishes; Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel, Resene Zylone Sheen low sheen acrylic, Resene Zylone 20 flat acrylic and Resene Lusta-Glo semi-gloss enamel adorning the interior.

The cleverly juxtaposed vibrant hues balanced with complex neutrals in this indulgent colour scheme reflects the designer's signature style and the personality of this homeowner.