Do you know what to look for in your new Roof?

Do you know what to look for in your new Roof?

Would you know if your strutting beam has been braced?

Houspect Building Inspectors always want to see the Engineers drawings when they are undertaking a Roof On Staged inspection during a new home build journey. Why - because according to the Engineer’s drawings for this home all strutting beams needed to be laterally restrained in accordance with AS1684 and to manufacturer’s requirements.

Oopps the builder missed on this one.

If your not sure how to check that the restraints on your strutting beam have been braced during your new home construction maybe you should engage a Houspect Building Inspector to check it for you?

Just in case you were wondering. How oftern do we find problemens in the roof of a new home - weekly. Getting your new roof checked is critical!

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