Do you really know what a Collar Tie is?

Do you really know what a Collar Tie is?

So your building your new home and someone raises the issue of collar ties. Do you check your shirt or look up into the roof frame?

Once you have worked it out you will realise that collar ties not only make you look smart but they are an integral component of the roof frame and without them the roof will be structurall defective.

As obvious as they are it does not always mean that they get installed or installed correctly.

Our Houspect Building Inspector picked up on this issue in the attached property which had been recently completed. The issue was realtively easy to resolve but none the less it was critical that the issue was resolved.

Checking the roof frme duing construction or in a pre purchase inspection is critical. On aveage we find a defective roof frame each week at Houspect WA. Remember, these issues can be fixed, especially if the construction has not been completed but it is improtant to get them checked.

The attached photos shows how easiy it would be to move around the roof space. Why? No collar ties!