Helping Your Builder to Understand!

Helping Your Builder to Understand!

Sometimes during the construction of a new home it appears as if nobody is listening. You think there is a problem but nobody seems to be paying attention to your concerns. The real concern is if the issue is not addressed now the problem, will only get bigger and will delay the target delviery date.

If this sounds familar to you then take heart it is not uncommon in new home construction.

The solution is staged construction inspections provided by Houspect. Houspect assigns a single builder/inspector to your new home construction and then we send that builder/inspector to indepednetly check progress at key stages of teh construction such as:
  • Slab down (each level)
  • Brickwork to plate height (each level)
  • Roof on
  • Lock up and Waterproofing
  • Practical Completion
  • Follow up (if required)
Apart from having a long list of items to check at each of the above stages, our inspectors can also review any specific concerns you have wih the construction.

Given all of our inspectors are indivdiually WA Registered Builders with at least 20 years expereince, they have the skills, expereince and technical knowldge to make the big calls.

Take the attached picture for example. The brickwork is leaning out at the top. Our inspector noted that the top six (6) courses were all impacted. Our inspector made the call that the impacted area needed to be removed and the brickwork re-layed.

At Hosupect we listen to our client concerns and when required we make the big calls for our clients in writing. Further, if required we will support you with your issues all ther way through the WA Building Commission and or State Admisntrative Tribunal.