Owner Builder Holistic Estimating

Owner Builder Holistic Estimating

Hi, and welcome to R Estimating. R Estimating specializes in assisting owner builders right around Australia deliver their new build projects on time, and on budget. R Estimating has designed a holistic approach to owner builder estimating that is different to any other. After much research we have fine tuned our approach to owner builder estimating.

How estimating has been in the past.
For years we have thought about estimating for owner builders to be the same plus a bit more explanation than what builders use. The result was a document that was made for a builder and effectively translated to be understood by an owner builder. The problem with this is the second part of an estimate, the part where we apply the rates. Rates which ultimately apply to companies/builders who have significant buying power with trade suppliers they know and trust.

The problem with this approach.
Estimating requires us to apply building cost rates to measurements taken off your plans. The problem with this was many owner builders we coming well over the "overestimated" build cost. The problem wasnt with the estimate but with the negotiation and preparedness of the owner builders. While many suppliers say they offer trade rates to owner builders the truth is another matter, and with good reason. Owner builders generally require more work which as a result means the price goes up on supply of various products.

How we have fixed it.
We focus more on putting you in the position to deal with suppliers correctly, which will in turn increase your negotiating power with suppliers resulting in quicker more accurate pricing. Which we have found to work more in the favor and be more valuable to owner builders, and ultimately resulting in a cheaper build.

What's included in our holistic estimating package.

  • Take off of building plans.
  • Full comprehensive Bill of Quantaties.
  • 3D walk through.
  • Priced Bill of Quantaties.
  • Pre Filled Quote Request Forms.

For more infomation about our holistic approach to owner builder cost estimating or any of our other services please follow the link to our site.