Owner Building Survey. Help us, help you.

Owner Building Survey. Help us, help you.

R Estimating would like your thoughts (Owner Builder Survey).

REstimating is performing an owner builder survey to better understand the needs and wants of all owner builders right across Australia. The survey has come about to improve what has become a big void between owner builders and services providers who can help you but don't quite know how to help you the best. The results of the REstimating Owner Builder survey will be used to better provide both estimating and other owner builder services that are designed specifically for owner builders, not simply adapted to be attractive to owner builders.

It is just part of the continuing process we and our partners and pushing to create more successful owner builder projects.

What's In It For You
REstimating will be offering $85 off all our services valid for one year from the date which the survey is completed. The survey will run from the 8th of January to the End of March. So get in quick to claim your potential savings.

Who We Want to Get Involved.
> Owner builders who are in the planning stages.
> People who are considering owner building.
> Owner builders of both new build and renovation projects.
> Second time round owner builders.
> Owner builders who have been successful in their efforts.
In short if you are reading this, we want you thoughts to help make owner building more successful.

How Long is it: 29 Questions, mostly multiple choice.
How Long will it take you: About 5 - 10 minutes max.

So if you think you might want to make some savings on cost estimating services, or you just want to help us help owner builders as a whole please head to our website for further details and click on the Owner Builder Survey.

Happy Owner Building