Property Valuations in Inner West Sydney

Property Valuations in Inner West Sydney

Buyers and sellers alike should prioritise property valuations as part of the home sale process. Property valuations help pinpoint the exact worth of a property, allowing for a fair pricing strategy for both parties involved. Property markets are unpredictable from one month to the next, so it is in everyone’s best interest to seek a current valuation.

McLennan Steege Smith & Associates understands the importance of property valuations. Our team provides property valuations throughout Inner West Sydney. Pre-sale, pre-purchase, and rental valuations are included with McSS property valuation services, as are accurate tax estimates, settlements, and mortgages.

Data and expertise combine for accurate property valuations

Obtaining a property valuation is an important step in the buying, selling, and renting process for a property. The valuation must be accurate in order to provide the maximum amount of financial protection to all parties.

McSS combines data and expertise to secure accurate valuations for our clients. Local market evidence and technical data are thoroughly examined to achieve a high level of accuracy.

Our legal team at McSS handles retrospective cases that allow us to identify how a property’s value has changed over time. It is imperative to have this kind of in-depth analysis if minimising capital gains tax liabilities is a goal. Clients who are in probate will find our compassionate and sensitive approach reassuring. Accountants and lawyers can efficiently use our reports to close settlements quickly.

Properly valuations are recommended every three years for those pursuing a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Close attention is given to small details to identify correct market value and maintain a well-balanced portfolio.

Research is vital when identifying rental value

Property owners interested in renting can trust the experts at McSS to provide accurate rental valuations. We service the Inner West Sydney area including Canada Bay, Burwood, Marrickville, Ashfield, Leichhardt, and the surrounding Inner West area. It is important to maximise your property’s rental value, which requires an accurate rental valuation. Our expert team is familiar with the locale and will ensure you will get an accurate rental price.

Landlords who are in dispute with tenants over rental fees and agreements also may require a current rental valuation. Our legal team is capable of providing the necessary documentation to help build a case in your favour.

Niche areas of property law in the Inner West Sydney area

For more than 18 years, McSS has served as an authority on property valuations in the Inner West Sydney area. Over the years, we expanded our services to include multiple niche areas of property law. Our team is well versed in providing practical property assessments, regardless of the reason clients require them.

We deliver accurate and timely property and rental valuations throughout Inner West Sydney. Clients can count on us to get the results they need fast. Contact us today online or by phoning 02 9525 7373 to learn more about how our team can help with your property valuation needs.