Property Valuer in Canterbury Bankstown

Property Valuer in Canterbury Bankstown

When it comes to important life decisions, the transactions surrounding property require lots of attention to detail. At McSS, we act as property valuers in Canterbury Bankstown. Our services include creating estimates for mortgages, sales, purchases, rentals, settlements, and tax estimates. If you require a property valuation and you're still trying to choose the right team, it's time to learn more about how we can help.

Property valuations for sales and purchases

When you buy or sell a house, using a property valuer allows you to secure the right price. When it comes to buying, this prevents you from paying too much. As for selling, you can make sure you get a fair price.

Your mortgage provider may also ask for proof of the property's value before finalising your loan agreement. You may see this referred to as a valuation survey. Your valuation survey confirms the property's worth and assures your lender that it is a viable security for the loan you're requesting.

Valuing property for settlements and taxation

If you're facing a divorce or disputing a will, the settlement you receive may hinge on a property's value. Courts can use valuations to decide how assets are divided. You may choose a property valuer with the other interested parties, or your legal team may request an independent valuation.

When you sell a property that has increased in value, you may face capital gains tax. This is a tax on the gain you make through the increase in value. To make sure you're not taxed too much, a property valuation is essential.

Retrospective valuations and bail applications

As a part of meeting your tax obligations, you may need a retrospective valuation. Also known as backdated property valuations, retrospective assessments involve looking at a property's value at a point in the past. In addition to proving useful for tax purposes, they're sometimes necessary for real estate disputes, stamp duty, and divorce settlements.

If you need to use a property as security for a bail application, the court will need assurance that it is valuable enough to forfeit if the accused person doesn't return to court. Such assessments include the amount of equity available in a property after any outstanding mortgage payments and other debts have been taken care of.

Preparing to rent your property and settling landlord disputes

Obtaining a true indication of your property's rental value doesn't need to be difficult. Although you can obtain such estimates from agents, we always advise using professional property valuers. We base our estimates on qualified data, market research, and our in-depth knowledge of trends in Canterbury Bankstown.

You can use rental valuations to agree to contracts with your tenants and settle landlord disputes. Our approach ensures you enjoy a good return on your investment.

At McSS, our property valuers in Canterbury Bankstown have more than 18 years of experience in the field. If you're looking for an accurate estimate, you can use our expertise and insights to make your transactions easier. To speak with a member of our team today, call 1300 852 639.