South West Builders WA

South West Builders WA

When building a new home in the South West of Western Australia, how do you know which home builder is the best fit for you?
New Home Building Brokers takes into consideration many things, before we take on any builders on our books.
Understanding how a builder trades, how much work they have on, the location of the work, and the time of year the work is at site, is just a few things we look at.
Many south west home builders can trade under a different name to the ones you may see advertised, this is along with many things we mention below are absolutely critical to know upfront.

Independent unbiased knowledge is what we share with you.

Many builders love to advertise the following.
· Service catered to our needs
· Individually design homes
· Flexible custom build
· Free design
· Free quotes
· Your local builder
· You can trust us
· Best value two storey home builder
· Sustainable homes
· Free feasibility study

How do you know? And do you have control of the process?
Well step one controlling the building process starts with owning the copyright to the design. When building in the south west you need to have options, and that means more than one builder in play.
So, if you can’t control the copyright you have to consider the risks you take moving forward with any builder.
Particularly any builder or sales consultant who tells you up front, don’t worry trust us nothing will be an issue. Or they say we will draw the idea you have shown us for free and give you a costing to the budget you have given the builder.

If you do that, you can’t take a plan drawn by one builder to another home builder, as they almost always claim to own the copyright. We see this all the time when the cost blows out!
As soon as you let the builder draw you up a design, you have lost control of the copyright to it. So, if you don’t like the cost or the builder for any reason as you move forward, you are now in a difficult situation. Always put it in writing upfront you own any concept you have drawn, or even better have it drawn away from the builder.

A full tender process is the best way to go about this, on our website we explain this more in detail. However, in short, it’s about controlling the copyright to the design.
But for now, let’s stay focussed on the builders.
Each builder also must have indemnity insurance, which means insurance cover for you in case something goes wrong, and they go under. Understanding how much each builder has per year and how much they have available in cap space when you sign up, this is very important.
You also need to be sure who own the building licence that the builder is going to trade under. We look these up all the time.
The builders need to be upfront with this basic information, before you get stuck into specs, designs and prices.
At NHBB we also know if the builder is paying trades and suppliers on time.
Sometimes we have given advice to our clients in the southwest to hold off and not build.
It has to be a fit for all parties.
If you want to know more or have any questions, chat with the team today.