Top 3 Tips When Choosing Perth Home Builder

Top 3 Tips When Choosing Perth Home Builder

1. Compare like for like
Design your home using a designer or Architect and decide what you want and what you can compromise on.
ou can get a like for like comparison from several custom builders when the design belongs to you.
You also need detailed documentation.
NHBB can help you with this process.

2. Is this your dream home?
If this is a home you have been dreaming of forever, and you want it to be just how you want, you should spend the money and get what you want, not what a builder is willing to give you.
Keep in mind resale value and bank valuations.
Now if it is a development or a home for a few years, or you are building a home for other reasons, build to the market
We can help you find the best solution for your build.

3. Use a building broker
A building broker will help you with the entire process, the easiness of the build, the relationship you develop with your builder, and the flexibility to get you what you want.
If building a new home seems daunting and you simply want it done with the least stress and the best result.
We are the leading building brokers in Australia and have the most real proven track record.
come and have a chat with us to help you understand how we might be able to help you lke we have other peole for the past 13 years.

Important point.
Project builders and custom builders both have strong roles to play in the Perth home building industry.
The key is to understand with independent unbiased advice which one is better suited to you.

Golden tip
Don’t push a project builder to do a custom design home, it creates issues in many ways.
If you pick a builder's standard plans, keep it simple and limit changes.

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