Undercroft Two Three Storey Luxury Home Designs Perth

Undercroft Two Three Storey Luxury Home Designs Perth

What is a undercroft home?

Undercroft luxury home designs are essentially the level you create to maximise a home design on a sloping block.
Some sloping blocks require a rear view undercroft design, other need a front view under croft design.
The examples in this blog can demonstrate the different types of Perth home builders use, in creating the best views possible for each block and situation.
We deal with all sorts of blocks at NHBB like cross fall, Cross fall & sloping blocks. All have challenges that can be overcome.

The cost of an under croft home design as a rule, is higher over the standard rate of a luxury new home designs in Perth.
This is for many reasons, some of the following just to name a few.
Engineering upgrades
Cavity filled walls
Extra steps to the home
Site access fence removal and shoring up
Extra sand removal
Water proofing of underground walls.
Site access

Getting these homes out of the ground do cost more over your normal single or double storey home design.
In the current market we are not seeing any Perth Home Builder quoting under $2,000m2, for a double storey design home.
Single storey under croft homes is very close to that number, that said with the price increase are seeing in the market in 2021, you need to be in control of the process.

The benefits in maximising views and orientation to north can far outweigh the cost to have the new home built.

· Understand the shire and how they interpret the natural ground level, this will help you get a real idea of the views possible upfront.
· Control the copyright to the design, builder can vary a lot in quotations for under croft new homes. So, controlling the plans is critical in getting an apple for apples price.
· Building inspections during the waterproofing stages is very important. Making sure the damp doesn’t penetrate the water proofing.
· Always use independent companies to give you advice.
· Don’t just go to one builder.