The Art of Timing - Moontime Diary 2012

The Art of Timing - Moontime Diary 2012

The Art of Timing

I am Australian with European heritage and have had a strong interest in nature, health, astrology, and anthroposophy for many years.

I absolutely love this opportunity to prepare a yearly almanac as this diary turns out to be: a compilation of calendars, tables, and information relating to the moons’, suns’ and planetary movements.

By being aware of natural cycles and seasons, you can reduce your environmental footprint and still achieve great results.

My aim is to inspire you to tune your health, garden, home-keeping and business to the moon.

Today our world is industrialized, globalised and pasteurized. We eat genetically manipulated food and find chemicals in almost everything we touch. We are told we need nuclear power and not to trust our own instincts.

This lifestyle has been chewing up an incredible amount of resources and produces inconceivable amounts of ‘waste’, debilitating nature. To acquire an awareness and understanding of the planetary seasons helps you to reduce your environmental impact and at some stage it may be even necessary for survival.

Our ancestors managed their bodies, land and work within the natural cycles of the seasons and the moon. They knew that their wellbeing, home-keeping, farming, animal husbandry, and fishing, were influenced by the moon’s gravity.

The Moontime Diary helps you to choose the right moment and avoid the least productive times to save you time, effort and resources. Of course you may not always be able to do jobs on the ideal days, however, you can experiment with rearranging routines and fine tune to your own needs.

Here is an example of how you can take advantage of the moon’s influence:

The days when the moon is waxing in Pisces are always favourable to buy shoes for people with sensitive feet. Pisces rules the feet and they are more sensitive when the moon is waxing in Pisces. It is sensible to buy shoes on those days, because they always will be comfortable.

Thank you for making the Moontime Diary 2012 your companion for those of you who have already purchased this year’s copy. I wish you a joyful and successful year ahead, in tune with the moon.

Iris Detenhoff