Connollys New Decorative Concrete Showroom

Connollys New Decorative Concrete Showroom

Connollys new Decorative Concrete Showroom is now open for your viewing pleasure. You are now able to view polished concrete, dyed and stained concrete, epoxies, metallics, color flake, spraytop, stamped concrete, chroma quartz and more all in the one place.

Australia only Decorative Concrete showroom gives you access to the latest and greatest innovations in Decorative Concrete all under one roof.
If you have been looking for a way to transform your plain concrete into something special, then we have the answer. We have systems for driveways, Residential Homes inside and out, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Shops and Shopping Centers and more, anywhere you have sound concrete Connollys can transform it into something special. The options are truly endless; you will be amazed at what can be done with concrete.

The beauty of our systems is that we can take any old or new concrete and resurface it at a fraction of the cost of ripping it up and replacing it and completely change its appearance, add designs, logos, different colors and slip resistance.
The only limitation is your imagination.

Twenty three years experience in the flooring industry and thousands of satisfied customers means you can be assured of the highest quality and service. We continue to stay at the forefront of flooring technologies and use only the best products and equipment source from around the globe.

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