I had followed this horse and rider for some distance along the beach, staying partially hidden in the dunes, my camera clicking away, as they cantered along the sand.

They were simply wonderful to watch - so inspiring.

I finished the painting just before my first solo exhibition, where it was selected as the feature artwork to promote the exhibition on the gallery's own signage. Sometime later, the painting was on exhibit at another gallery, when I received a phone call to tell me that it had been sold to a lovely couple from interstate, who had called in with no intention of buying anything.

When they first saw 'Anticipation' the woman said she couldn't tear herself away and she knew that she couldn't possibly leave without it.

Apparently, the image bore an uncanny likeness to her own daughter, whose horse had died tragically while she was riding him.

I was told she would 'wait until the time was right' before giving her daughter the painting.

I was moved to tears by the sadness of their story and deeply touched that my painting had made such a profound impact.