Bathing Box Beauties

This is my first ‘bathing box’ painting.
I feel truly blessed to live on the Mornington Peninsula, where these colourful bathing boxes are such a prominent feature.
I can remember strolling along the Mornington pier one day, admiring the many boats moored along side, when suddenly I caught sight of a row of beautiful bathing boxes on the far side of the harbour.
I stood with my camera fixed on zoom, captivated as they came into focus – quaint, colourful, gorgeous and unique.
The only element that detracted from the scene was a handful of houses perched on the side of the hill in the background. When it came time to do the painting, I deployed a degree of artistic licence, replacing the houses with some beautiful trees.
I could never have guessed how popular this image would become. It has been my highest selling art card and art print to date, while the original painting featured in the short film ‘Diffraction’ that screened at the 2106 Tropfest Festival.