Fairy at the bottom of the garden

Fairy at the bottom of the garden

I have been taking my paintings to the same picture framer in Mornington since I began. They are a great framer and always look after me really well.

I was quite taken aback when I was in there one day and my framer asked me whether I would consider doing a painting of her daughter.
It felt such an honour for me to be asked, particularly since I knew she had so many other artists to choose from.

For me, painting a commission has an extra element of stress and challenge. Since art is so subjective. There is always the worry that the finished painting may not be quite what the person commissioning the work is looking for.

Thankfully, this is not something I have (as yet) experienced.

When I showed my framer the finished painting, she seemed overwhelmed by emotion, as she enthused over it, praising me effusively.
She gave me a big hug and burst into tears.

That was all the reward I needed.