Framed and Hung

Framed and Hung

Beautiful Pastel Art Prints on Display

Frame Up Picture Framers in Mornington

I drove across the peninsula to Mornington earlier today, to see and inspect the new window and shop display that Frame Up Picture Framers has created to showcase and present some of Emily Holsman’s beautiful pastel art prints.

Frame Up is presenting a number of Emily’s 16 x 24 inch prints in wonderful timber frames, each with a slightly different element to the inner portion of the frame itself that accentuates the individual colour and character of each painting.

Prints featured in the exhibition include Into the Blue, Drifting, The Simple Life, Bucket List, Tranquillity, Pride of Place, Sun, Surf & Sand and Bathing Box Beauties.

As striking and delightful as each of these images are, this exercise has demonstrated the value of that a good quality picture frame brings to equation. As I commented to Emily myself only this morning, I am sure it is worth anyone replicating the investment they make in a print itself, having the image professionally framed. The end result achieves such a striking and eye catching outcome - one that is sure to enhance the interior of anyone’s home.

Mornington is a very appropriate venue to display Emily’s work as so many of her paintings featured local seascapes and landmarks. Everything from the area’s unique and colourful bathing boxes to racehorses exercising on the sands of Balnarring Beach and the wonderful pelicans and yachts that populate the Hastings marina.

Frame Up has been framing Emily’s original paintings for several years now and theirs is an association that is sure to keep paying dividends well into the future.

Happily Emily was delighted with the display and very excited at the increased awareness it is likely to generate for her work.

Needless to say all of the images included in the Frame Up exhibition are available as limited edition prints from Pastel Art Prints.