It was a glorious morning with a clear blue sky and wispy white clouds.

Tee -shirt weather for most but a long sleeved windcheater and goose bumps for me.

I drove to the Westernport Marina (around 10 or so minutes from home) and parked in the sprawling, almost empty car park.

As always, I found being around boats exhilarating and a place where I could lose myself.

A light breeze tinkered with the boat’s rigging, reminding me of the sound of wind chimes. It was like being in another world - a world I find inspiring, particularly in relation to painting.

As I traversed the path leading towards the chandlery, I was stopped in my tracks.

The scene before me was simply magical. The colours and inverted images of the boats in the water took my breath away.

I had never seen such perfect reflections.