10 Popular Driveways to Welcome You Home

10 Popular Driveways to Welcome You Home

Pulling into your driveway is something you will do almost every single day. That said, it is worth getting your driveway done right. You will feel a small sense of satisfaction when gazing over your paved creation as you pull into your driveway from a long day at the office.

Here are the 10 most popular options to help you decide which driveway is right for you.

1. The gravel driveway
Cheap to install, the gravel driveway is ideal for homeowners after a low initial investment cost. You may need to replace the pebbles periodically, but at least they come in a variety of different colours to complement your home’s exterior.

2. The concrete driveway
A concrete driveway is the classic driveway that never goes out of date. It is ultra-durable and incredibly easy to maintain, resulting in a carefree option that is economical in the long-term. Consider installing some engraved tiles around the perimeter to spruce up the aesthetics.

3. The pervious concrete driveway
Rather than using standard concrete, consider opting for the pervious variety instead. Essentially, the mix contains considerably less sand which allows water to flow through more easily and consequently reduces runoff issues. It’ll cost you more upfront, but its rustic style and eco-friendly credentials make it the go-to option for some.

4. The paver driveway
It may be pricier upfront, but a correctly installed paver driveway will last for decades before any significant maintenance is required. Above all else, the fine material comes in a range of different earthy colours which add considerable curb appeal to your home.

5. The asphalt driveway
Asphalt is adept at withstanding the freezing cold. It looks more beautiful than concrete and does well at retaining the heat. Do be aware that maintenance costs are high as it should be resealed every five years or so.

6. The shell driveway
A rather unusual option, the shell driveway is most commonly found in sophisticated country estates where aesthetics is the primary consideration. Consisting of three principal varieties (clam, scallop, and oyster), these stately driveways are available in classy hues of cream, brown, and grey. Drainage is excellent, although installation and maintenance costs are predictably high.

7. The basalt tile driveway
Coming in countless shades of grey, basalt paver tiles provide a timeless natural flair that can effortlessly combine with your landscape. They’re also highly durable due to the fact they were naturally formed from the cooling of basaltic lava.

8. The grass driveway
A grass driveway? Wouldn’t that be like not bothering with a driveway at all? Actually, most people are unaware they can install a geo-grid system underneath which allows grass to survive and thrive, even in high traffic zones. It looks the part and is great at soaking up rainwater to boot.

9. The brick driveway
Despite being quite expensive to install, brick is a popular choice for many Aussie homeowners due to the stylish pattern it entails. Maintenance isn’t an issue if correctly installed, and it adds substantial resale value to the home as well.

10. The recycled material driveway
Eco-warriors and creative types would jump at the chance to pave their driveway in recycled materials. Exposed aggregate concrete driveway uses a mix of gravel, glass chips or other crushed material to wet concrete. It can be assembled in an imaginative bespoke design.