Most popular driveway designs and their benefits

Well designed and properly installed concrete driveways can benefit a property in several ways, from giving the property instant kerb appeal to providing the homeowners with a practical, hardwearing surface for access to and from the home.

When looking to get a new driveway, in the same way that you would need to consider a number of finished surfaces, from brushed concrete and aggregate finishes to the use of pavers, there is also the shape of the driveway to think about.

There are several styles to consider, with each carrying their own key features and benefits, so instead of opting for the first design that comes to mind, why not take the time to look at the top four most popular driveway shapes in Melbourne homes today?

1. Straight driveways

How do they look? This is the simplest form of driveway, and gives the most direct route up to the property. Aesthetically, it is a very geometric, clean and modern shape, so it works well with a modern or new build. Straight driveways also provide a very dramatic entry into a large property.
Benefits: Technically and practically it is very simple to design, and also to lay and install. It is also the best design for properties that don’t have much room to spare, so it is beneficial to smaller builds.

2. Circular driveways

How do they look? On larger properties, the circular drive has to be the most elegant in terms of design. You do need to ensure that the calculations are exact and that the dimensions are right however, as this design will take up a larger area of space.
Benefits: The flow of movement in a circular driveway means there will be no backing up or double parking near to the entrance of the home or business. The central area left within the hard surface of the circular drive can also be landscaped to enhance, shade or give privacy to the building.

3. L-shaped driveways

How do they look? This is a very useful shape to consider if you have a long, thin entrance up to your property, with a garage area off to the left or right. The bottom part of the driveway takes the vehicle across the bottom of the land and then straight up to the parking or garage section.
Benefits: This means vehicles will not be parked directly within the viewpoint of homeowners, and also will not take up valuable space that can be used for soft landscaping or a recreation area. Space is a premium here as well as safety, as cars are quickly directed to the appropriate parking area.

4. S-shaped driveways

How do they look? If you have a sloping entrance to your property, then you might have to consider a “stepped” or winding approach for vehicles and pedestrian entry. Again, this is really for larger areas of land, and the dimensions have to be spot on, but you can build on a gentle incline or slope down.
Benefits: This will slow up vehicle approach so it ensures the safety of any oncoming pedestrians. Design wise, it also makes for a stunning approach to the property.