Tips and Tricks for Winter Driveway Maintenance

Tips and Tricks for Winter Driveway Maintenance

With winter comes cold and harsh days where everyone shields themselves with winter coats and sweaters. However, your driveway is left exposed. During this season, it is common for water to freeze and damage your driveway - especially during nights when it’s wet and cold. The best way to avoid the costly repairs is to maintain your driveway.

Apply a concrete sealant
Concrete is a porous material, which means water and other liquid substances can enter easily. To prevent this and minimise damage, it is worth looking into applying a concrete sealant on your driveway. The sealant provides more protection against water, that would otherwise damage it. It will also act as a barrier between the surface of your driveway and any oil leaking from your car.
It is best to consult a professional concrete driveway contractor to ensure that you are getting the correct sealant for your driveway.

Repair cracks quickly
One way to prevent any serious damage on your driveway is to routinely check for cracks throughout the year. It is recommended to repair cracks as soon as you spot them because they can expand fast. Concrete driveways absorb water readily and any water that seeps into it can cause even the tiniest of cracks to expand. If left untreated, not only will this weaken your driveway and cost a lot of money to repair, it will also lower your property value.

Pressure wash regularly
Pressure washing uses a stream of high-pressure water to wash away stains and debris on your driveway. It is important to pressure wash regularly if you use your driveway often because even the tiniest crack can store debris. Pressure washing can help remove debris efficiently before it causes cracks to spread. Power washing does the same thing as pressure washing, except for the usage of hot water. The stream of high-pressure hot water is efficient against mould, oil and stains. Both pressure and power washing are a good way to maintain the state of your driveway all year round.

Remove weeds
Cracks in your driveway present opportunities for dirt to fall in and for weeds to sprout. This will lead to the cracks expanding as the roots of the weeds spread. Weeds tend to grow fast and if left untreated, will cause serious damage to your driveway. Besides that, it also makes your property look messy and run-down. One of the methods to remove weeds is by power or pressure washing your driveway constantly. Keeping your driveway clean at all times can help prevent weeds and big cracks.

Clean your driveway
Winter in Australia is exacerbated by the cold and strong winds. This causes unwanted tree branches, dirt, dead leaves and more littering your driveway. It may not seem harmful to have a few stray tree branches or leaves, but they often carry dirt that may damage your driveway in the long run. Sweep away the debris as often as you can to keep your driveway in good shape. It is also important to clean up liquids such as oil, or any harmful chemicals quickly. These harmful chemicals can stain your driveway and once they leave a mark, it would be harder to remove.

Maintaining your driveway is the key to avoiding expensive repair costs. By following these tips and tricks, you can save money and protect your driveway from the cold winter weather.