Tips On Choosing The Most Suitable Driveway For Your Home

Tips On Choosing The Most Suitable Driveway For Your Home

Getting the right frame for any picture is important in order to make a good first impression, and the same is true when it comes to framing your property with the most suitable driveway.

There is an enormous range of styles, materials, colours and textures so how do you ensure you get it right?

Laying the foundations
First of all, you need to consider the groundworks around the property. Before considering any building works, make sure there are no restrictions on the property before you start. If you are on a sloping site, the drainage and water run off needs to be factored in.

Then, think about any utilities that run underneath the driveway as these will need to be accessed as well. Pavers or concrete driveways can have hatches that will still remain accessible despite being concealed by the overall design.

The length of the driveway is going to depend on the available space and will be dictated to a certain extent by whereabouts your garage is situated or how far off the main road is from your property. Putting your ideas on paper is really important and a professional driveway company can help discuss the practicalities of what you want before you make a final decision.

Type of usage and maintenance
How the driveway is going to be used is really important and if you have a number of family vehicles, as well as garden mowers or leisure equipment that are going to be in constant use, you would want a driveway that is easy to maintain. Patterned or coloured concrete can very easily be kept clean by brushing away garden debris and hosing down any oil residue, thus keeping its good looks for many years.

Design and shape
If your house is situated on a busy road, then a turning circle is the best choice if you do have the room. The driveway has to complement the building so while modern houses suit a geometric shape, gentle curves look good on an older property. They also give the illusion of more space if you have a short front driveway. Check out the neighbouring driveways - if your house is of the same age and style, choose one that complements your home. Take several photographs of the ones you like to discuss with your driveway contractor.

Choice of materials and colours
Polished and coloured aggregates give light and sparkle to driveways that have the natural light cut down by surrounding trees and hedges. If you have a pathway running around the property, match and tone your driveway to the materials used on the patio and pedestrian walkway. Pavers can be set out in a number of patterns from brick weave to herringbone or any other design that takes your fancy. If you have a specific colour or tone to the outside walls of the house, this can be picked out in either pavers, polished aggregates or coloured concrete. Talk to your local professional driveway contractors who can advise you on the best driveway for your home.