Top 3 ways you can use pressure cleaning at home

Pressure washers are usually used for cleaning outside the house, such as exterior work like keeping the driveway and patio clean. They are a really useful piece of equipment that can remove large amounts of dirt and debris very quickly. Usually water is used but there are other cleaning detergents that can be added to speed up the cleaning process. Before looking at the top three ways pressure washers are used around the home, it is important to understand the different components involved as these dictate where and how you can use them.

How do pressure washers work?
With all pressure washers there is a “wand” that forces the water out at high pressure so it is important to remember that because it is a very powerful jet, it can clear off even paintwork, for example. Rotary cleaners can be attached for extra scrubbing power, and additional attachments like brushes can also be used for a more effective clean.

Pressure washers usually come in a range of settings – for general use around your property, which typically involves removing spider webs, dust, accumulated grit from air pollution, other types of dirt, fungus or even loose paint, the most powerful settings are not required. Read the user manual carefully before use; if you are renting a pressure washer, make sure you are familiar with the equipment before starting work.

1. Cleaning patios and driveways
Sprucing up your concrete driveway and patio is one of the top ways in which you can really add some kerb appeal to the home. Oil and debris such as leaves or dirt from the garden can quickly downgrade the look of your property’s exterior. Mould or moss can render patios slippery, but hosing these areas down with a pressure washer soon restores their good looks and makes them a safe area to walk on.

Pressure washers will remove grease from your favourite barbeque area, and if you have brick steps or patterned concrete at the front of the house that has seen better days, it will not take long to get them looking good as new. Outside decking can also be brought up to scratch, as wood cleans up really well under a pressure washer in just a matter of minutes.

2. Cleaning windows
This is where a pressure washer really comes in useful because there are a number of different attachments that can be used to reach high areas. External windows can be kept clear of dirt and bird droppings very quickly using a pressure cleaner. First floor or loft room windows can be easily reached using an attachment pole, which reduces the need for you to balance on a ladder whilst carrying a bucket and sponge.

Glass patio doors and conservatories with hard to reach roofs or skylights, as well as garden greenhouses covered with the detritus from the summer seasons, can all be clean and sparkling without a lot of effort. Safety is a key benefit here as well – with a pressure washer, you can avoid the use of ladders and also overstretching. No more pulled muscles!

3. Cleaning cars and trucks
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the mud splattered ute in the front driveway restored to pristine levels of cleanliness after a good hose down with a pressure washer. Easily blast the dirt and grime off your tyres, bodywork and windows with a jet of soapy water and simply rinse clean afterwards.

Safety first
Of course it goes without saying that pressure washers can be dangerous if not used correctly. Never point the nozzle at other people, including yourself, as the force of the water could cause injury, and don’t point it at sources of electricity either, including lights and meter boxes!

Also, make sure you are on stable footing when you use a pressure washer, as the kickback could cause you to fall. As with handling all types of tools, use your common sense, and do bear in mind that you will need a certain amount of strength to handle pressure washers.