Top 8 Gardening Tips For Spring

Top 8 Gardening Tips For Spring

Spring is the ideal time to get cracking in the garden. The weather is warm but not too hot, the ground is void of autumn leaves, and many of your favourite plants and flowers are just coming into bloom. Best of all, it’ll be looking its best for you to entertain friends in the warmer months ahead.

From fertilising to pest control, here are eight tips to get your garden into shape this spring.

1. Weed
It is of utmost importance to weed your garden in the spring. If you neglect to do this tiresome yet crucial task, the weeds will grow like wildlife, and will have covered your entire garden by the time summer comes.

The reason for this is that like most plants, weeds rapidly multiplyduring spring due to their natural cycles. So grab a weeder, or a Hori Hori (weeding knife), and start ripping out those pesky weeds.

2. Aerate
Lawns often become compact over the winter months. It prevents water seeping down to the roots below, and usually results in unsightly brown patches. Use an aerator,or a simple pitchfork to aerate your garden via asystematicapproach; starting at one end and finishing in another.

3. Fertilise
Now is a greattime of year to fertilise because it’ll encourage your garden to grow. If you’ve been creating a compost heap over the winter, spread it evenly around your garden and watch those flowers bloom. If not, high-qualityfertilisers can be bought in any home and hardware stores.

Australian gardens tend to have a lot of clay in the soil. Try adding a touch of gypsum to break it up. As for the lawn, use a fertiliserspreader to get the job done quickly.

4. Mulch
Mulching is a great way to retain water, promote growth as well as keep weeds at bay. Sprinkle a layer of organic mulch around your garden for best results. You can even use a little on your lawn as well.

5. Plant
Spring is the best time to plant new seeds in your garden. Given our country often suffers from water shortages, native plants are best as they require less watering and are a lot more resistant.

Grab some cuttings from plants you’ve seen around Bunnings or the local nursery, or purchase a few seedlings from your nearest gardening store.

6. Start a veggie patch
There’s nothing quite like chowing down on veggies picked fresh from the garden. Don’t have one yet? Now is the perfect time to get started.

Planter boxes are a great way to contain and organise your veggie patch from the get-go. A few great spring options include lettuce, peas, broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts. If you live in a colder part of Australia, hold off planting until the frosts have finished for the year.

7. Erect a shed
Spring is as good a time as any to install a garden shed. These days, ready to assemble kit sheds are economical and easy to erect.

8. Kill those pests
Garden pests start to re-emerge as the weather begins to warm up. Opt for an organic pesticide rather than harsh chemical to keep those annoying critters at bay. This is especially important on your veggie patch.

Follow these eight simple tips, andyour garden will be looking pristine this summer. By investing the time now, it’ll become an idyllic spot to indulge in your favouriteAussie pastime: an outdoor barbie with your mates.

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