Top Tips On How To Maintain Your Newly Paved Concrete Driveway

Top Tips On How To Maintain Your Newly Paved Concrete Driveway

Keep your newly paved concrete driveways looking as good as new with these simple tips.

1. Choose a professional driveway specialist
Before you can maintain your driveway, you have to ensure that you use an experienced driveway specialist first. By using high-quality products and the mixture of pouring concrete that is suitable for your site and your needs, it provides a strong foundation. Once the driveway has been laid, they will be able to give you advice on how long the curing process will be and the instructions you need to follow. This would include anything from not walking, driving or parking heavy equipment on the new surface. Simply ask the driveway company for the length of time needed for this process. If you don’t follow their instructions, you may damage the surface of the driveway before it is fully cured.

2. Keep the driveway sealed
Concrete is a very durable material. However, if the tiny holes on the surface are left unsealed, it can allow moisture and dirt to penetrate. If you keep it sealed every 2 years or so, you will prolong the life of the driveway as well as ensure grime and dirt particles don’t work down into the material. It will look good for a longer period of time.

3. Sweep and clean on a regular basis
Make sure that you keep debris and any leaf or mould litter from the garden off the driveway on a regular basis. Power washing helps to clean large surface areas quickly but brushing with clean water and a gentle detergent will bring out the sparkle of the concrete driveway. If the concrete has been coloured to complement the overall look of the property, check with the driveway specialist before using any form of cleaning product on the driveway.

4. Avoid parking heavy vehicles
If you are going to be having any other building work carried out, don’t let the builders park their heavy trucks on your new driveway. Concrete will stand up to a lot of wear and tear but large vehicles can do more damage than good.

5. Clean up spillages and marks immediately
Tracking from tyres can leave marks. On a daily basis, the concrete driveway has to stand up to a number of spills and drips landing on it, be it from cars or garden equipment. This includes oil, brake fluid and gas leaks from the fuel tank. These spillages can take their toll on the newly laid driveway. Petroleum-based products are particularly good at getting past protective sealed barriers, and can seep into the concrete unless cleaned up immediately. If you are carrying out any work on your car, don’t do it while parked on the driveway as these activities will leave a permanent stain if you are not careful.

If you follow the tips above and use an experienced driveway contractor, your driveway will look as good as new for a number of years to come.