Top Tips To Protect Your Concrete Driveway In The Summer Heat

Top Tips To Protect Your Concrete Driveway In The Summer Heat

It’s summer and there may not be a better time to be outside in the great outdoors. Whether you plan to head to the beach or plan to spend some time at the park, exposed aggregate driveways will be sat outside bearing the heat all day and night. Just as we all prepare for summer in different ways through sun protection and the right clothes, it’s always vital to take the necessary precautions and measures to help prevent damaged driveways. Cracks and potholes can eventually lead to their erosion, so a timely driveway maintenance can go a long way in maintaining the health of your driveway. Take note with these top tips on how to get your concrete driveway summer ready.

Schedule A Summer Maintenance Check
Hiring professionals to come and maintain your driveway on a regular basis is one way to get the best out of your driveway. Contractors and professionals can help check for any cracks beginning to form in your driveway and repair them before they become a bigger problem. Repairing your driveway before larger issues arise will help you save money and keep your driveway looking perfect for years to come.

Seal Your Driveway On Time
Sealing your driveway before the arrival of summertime is a must if you’re looking to protect your driveway from excessive damage. Heat can cause damage to your driveway by breaking down oils and other components causing them to crack and fissure, which is why it’s recommended for you to reseal your driveway in the summer at least once every two years. Be sure to seal your driveway in fair weather, as rain and hail can weaken or even wash away the applied sealant. When sealing your driveway, it’s important to inspect and seal cracks at the beginning and end of summer. This helps you to keep a lookout for any damage caused to your driveway throughout winter and spring, while sealing cracks at the end of summer can give you protection going into fall and winter. If you’re not sure how to seal, always get in touch with a professional. Sealing your driveway improperly can only lead to more damage and can cost you even more money.

Keep Your Driveway Clean
Maintaining the cleanliness of your driveway is a great way of keeping your driveway at its best throughout the summer months. If you’re planning a spring clean, be sure to put your driveway on your list of things to clean before summer hits. To clean your driveway, ensure that your concrete driveway is dry and don’t start washing it if it’s wet or damp. For a basic driveway clean you can use a broom to get rid of any dust particles, leaves and sticks. Alternatively, if you’re looking to do a more thorough clean of your driveway be sure to hire a professional to tend to your driveway in the correct manner. A professional hire can have your driveway power cleaned with minimum fuss.

Keep Sharp Objects Away
Sharp objects such as shovels or metal ice chippers can damage the surface of your driveway. It’s important to ensure that any sharp-edged tools or items are kept clear of your driveway to make sure you don’t cause any damage. The pavement of your driveway can be precious in the face of metal-edge objects, and the last thing you want are dents or chipped driveways that can easily be prevented. To avoid any unnecessary damage, try using plastic ice shovels rather than metal based tools.

Take Care of Cracks
If cracks do start to form on your concrete driveway, be sure to replace any damaged or cracked sections of your driveway as soon as possible. Cracks can form due to a shifting or natural settling of the ground, and exposure to heat can be a cause of this symptom.

It’s never too early to start caring for your driveway. Making sure you give your coloured concrete driveways or exposed aggregate driveways the care it deserves, will help keep it in prime condition for years to come. For best results, get in touch with the concrete driveway professionals at Simply Driveways in Melbourne.