What style of gates would suit my home (and driveway)?

What style of gates would suit my home (and driveway)?

A driveway gate should complement the railings to which it is attached and the driveway leading up to the property. Getting the right style of gates to suit your home and driveway is very important. If you get it wrong, it will stand out, so a little forethought and planning is required.

What kind of property do you have?
Living in a suburban street with a typical modern property is not going to fit in if you choose ranch style gates, for example. Neither would a modern building match with country cottage rustic white palings and gate. A curving driveway with concrete pavers that look like flagstones, combined with the rustic gates, would look a lot better with a country home in a more rural setting.

What access requirements do you have?
Swing gates are popular with both residential and commercial properties, and can provide privacy, as well as security. They come in either single or double swing gates. It depends on the access you have and the width of your driveway. Sliding gates are also available and if they are quite large, you might want to consider having automated gates in place. If you have a sloping site, sliding gates are a suitable choice.

What current materials is your home made up from?
Gates come in two materials – metal and wood. If you have a property that is made of timber, you will want to consider wooden gates as they may fit in better with your overall scheme and design. As wood is a natural material, choosing a driveway that uses or mimics the use of natural material (patterned, stamped concrete or polished aggregates), would definitely complement with this theme. Wood is a very traditional material and is often linked to rural or semi-rural areas – it is wise to keep this in mind when planning on buying new gates.

Metal gates come in wrought iron and steel. Despite wrought iron being used in older properties or when renovating period homes, steel poses many advantages for the modern home owner. It is a more economic choice and can come in a range of complex designs, so it will blend in with either patterned, coloured concrete or aggregate driveways.

What statement do you want to make?
It is possible to make a focal point with the gates while still harmonising with your home and driveway. A professional driveway company will be able to share their knowledge and experience of different styles of drives and gates, thus giving you some valuable ideas and pointers. You will also need to consider whether you want to have a matching pedestrian gate, as well as access for vehicles, because you can repeat a design on both sets.

Darker shades of stained or polished concrete driveways complement steel gates that have been painted or powder coated to match the exterior of your home. Topping it off with crisp evergreen planting and landscaping will help to add kerb appeal and value to the property as well.