What Your Driveway Says About Your Home

What Your Driveway Says About Your Home

The first time someone comes to visit your home, they will be able to tell a number of things about the people who live there, just by standing outside and looking at the driveway. In the same way that you are able to sum up an individual at first glance, by looking at their facial expression and body language, as well as their overall appearance, the same goes for your driveway. Why is that? Well it is because the driveway is the first thing anyone sees and walks onto when they approach your property. So let’s have a look at a few of the visual clues that your driveway could say about your home.

Overall care and maintenance
If the driveway is well-cared-for, without cracks or holes, and is kept clean and in slip resistant condition, the odds are that the state of the home will be in the same good condition. If they are hard-wearing concrete driveways that are very easy to keep clean, it does show that some consideration has gone into choosing the type of materials and flooring. If drainage holes are in place and kept free from garden debris, it is an indication that the person who owns the property will show the same care and attention inside the home.
Oil stains, dirt, tyre tracking and mould do not give a good first impression and neither does uneven brickwork nor water that pools in one corner of the driveway every time it rains. Wear and tear that poses a risk to the safety of pedestrian traffic may lead visitors to question whether the inside of the property is going to produce similar hazards.

Good design and functionality
The driveway has to complement the home and the overall design to present a harmonious view of the property. It should not overshadow the look of the home but be in keeping with both the house and garden. If designed with a professional driveway contractor, this harmonious aspect will be maintained, such that if a curved or geometric shape is chosen, it does not look at odds with the age and style of the home.

The use of the space is also very important because if well chosen to suit the family needs, a good driveway can double up as not just a parking area, but also as a space for loading/unloading, as well as room for other leisure vehicles. If the driveway is cluttered and short of space, it will leave first-time visitors with the impression that the life of the home owner could well be in the same chaotic state.

Style and impact
If your driveway has been designed to match the colours, theme and style of the property while at the same time be a functional and practical addition to the outdoor area, you have a winning combination. Not only is this a great way to maximise the value of your property, it will be the ideal frame in which to capture the picture of your home.