The Importance of Safety Representatives

The Importance of Safety Representatives

Health and Safety Legislation in very state recognised the important role health and safety representatives (HSRs) play in representing the health and safety interests of employees. HSRs can make a real difference in having health and safety issues addressed and help achieve better health and safety outcomes.

What is a Health and Safety Representative?

A HSR is an employee who has been elected by their fellow employees to represent them, providing a way for their views and concerns about health and safety to be heard by their employer.

Why have Safety Representatives?

Studies have shown that when employees have input into health and safety issues, workplaces have better health and safety outcomes and fewer workplace incidents and injuries.

The rights of a Safety Rep

They have a right to be consulted on:
proposed changes in the workplace or to materials, equipment or procedures
  • risk assessment of materials, equipment or procedures
  • development of OHS policy and procedures
  • investigation of OHS hazards and incidents
  • training, instruction and information on OHS.
Reps should undertake a Safety and Health Representatives Course a so they can better understand their rights and obligations.

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