A Guide To Ethernet Installation Costs

A Guide To Ethernet Installation Costs

There are a number of reasons why wi-fi internet might not be the best internet solution for your home:
  • Poor network availability in your area
  • Interference from neighbouring wifi
  • Not reliable enough for your internet needs
  • Not secure enough
While it might seem like a step backwards to plug your internet directly into your computer with a cable, there are advantages that make it worthwhile, including overcoming the issues above.

It will take some work to set up your hard-wired internet and there are some choices for you to make that affect the costs including port locations, how many ports you need and the type of cable you choose.

This post guide will cover the basics so you know what to discuss when you get a quote from a qualified electrician.

What is Ethernet Cabling?
Ethernet cabling is just a fancy word for network cables with a plug at each end. Typically in Australia the standard network cables are the Cat5, Cat6 and Cat6a. They are usually blue cable covers with clear port plugs and provide quality twisted wiring that allows fast internet speeds and reliable data transfer.

Plugging the cables into the right port on your computer or gaming system is incredibly easy, however, the installation required to get to that point is complex especially as there are usually already cables of some type running through your walls that need to be carefully avoided.

You also need to carefully consider where in your home you want the connection points to be as unlike wifi you will be limited in your movements. You might find that points in multiple rooms give you more flexibility to take your work where you need it. In most cases, Ethernet installations are to a dedicated work room like a home office.

Ethernet Cabling Uses
If you are experiencing issues with your wifi hard wiring your connections can help. In some cases, wifi might not be strong in your local area or there may be interference from neighbours.

Ethernet cabling is especially useful for :
  • Gaming sessions where you don’t want to be interrupted by ping spikes
  • Sensitive work that needs secure connections
  • Large uploads or data downloads that require reliable internet
  • Businesses that use digital meeting rooms or internet sessions to meet with clients or coworkers
  • Busy households that want a dedicated work internet connection that is kept separate from family or household wifi

Ethernet Cable Supply Costs
You will need to factor in costs for installation as well as the supply of equipment these items include cable sand and wall ports.

Make sure you get an itemised quote that details everything you need:
  • Labour
  • Cable (in the right size and at the right length)
  • Port sockets
  • Routers if needed
  • Plastering if needed
Prices for data cables will vary depending on length and bandwidth. The better quality CAT6 Ethernet cable (RJ45) can be installed for as little as $5 and $6 per metre. If you want even more reliability and speed ask about the slightly more expensive coaxial cable installations.

Installation Costs
Network installation usually requires routing cable lines through walls for a safe and tidy connection between your computer point and your router. You will need a qualified electrician to assist with measurements and installation as well as allocating the right CAT cable for your needs.

The cost of installing data cabling in your home can range from $65 to $95 per hour for labour. These costs might increase if you are wiring a larger home or there are difficulties with access during installation.

Be wary of ethernet installation quotes that are too low. You want to make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing and will tidy up your walls when they are done. Hiring someone who is more experienced at data cabling installations may be more expensive per hour but they are going to be completed faster and will be able to handle difficult work including multiple storeys and comply with Australian safety and regulation standards. Call an electrician to get ethernet cabling installed in your home.