Average Electricity Bills in Sydney

Average Electricity Bills in Sydney

Everyone is looking to decrease their energy bills, and electricity is always going to be a big part of that. If you feel that you might be keen for your electricity bill to drop, the good news is that this is actually happening already across Sydney. As it happens, the city is one of the best places to be in Australia when it comes to electricity costs. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into this, and discuss what you might be able to do to keep your own household’s costs as low as possible. Let’s take a look.

Electricity Usage
There are two ways in which households in Sydney are generally charged for electricity. First of all you have the supply rate, which you can’t individually do anything to reduce. This is a standing charge that you have for being supplied electricity, regardless of how much you use in a given day. Then there is the usage rate on top of that, which depends on how much electricity you do actually use. Usage cost is subject to market pricing, so it can rise and fall over time. And it’s looking into that which will show us what’s going on right now with Sydney’s electricity costs.

Electricity Costs
If you have noticed your power bill decreasing in the last couple of years, you are not alone. Most people in Sydney have found the same, and the average usage costs across the city are decreasing and set to continue doing so in the near future. That’s clearly good news for Sydney households. In fact, you can expect to save between 4.7%-5.5% this year, depending on your usage. And the average annual electricity bill in Sydney now ranges between $949 and $1,462. It’s a good time to live in Sydney.

Tips For Reducing Your Bills
Of course, if you want your electricity bills to be even lower, then you might want to reduce your usage as much as possible. There are a few great ways to do this which most people can take on board.

For example, you might decide to take care with how you use your fridge and freezer, because that appliance is one of the biggest energy-draws in any home. Make sure to keep the door shut when you are not using it, and to place it away from sources of heat such as ovens. That will help a great deal.

On top of that, you might want to look at your light usage, and see whether you could swap out some bulbs for energy-saving options. That’s the kind of relatively simple change that can add up to make a big difference, so consider that.

And there you have it. With the average electricity bills in Sydney still reducing over time, it’s a good time to save money on that particular household cost. And those tips above can help you to make even more of a good situation, should you want to do so.