Belconnen Electrician Shows Signs Your Safety Switch May Need to Be Replaced

Belconnen Electrician Shows Signs Your Safety Switch May Need to Be Replaced

The majority of fires and electrical human disasters in residential homes in Australia are caused by electrical failures. To save lives and property and reduce the number of these disasters, homeowners are required to install safety switches on their property. Safety switches, also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs), protect against electrical shocks.

In this article, we look at signs that show your safety switch may need to be replaced.

One essential detail to note is that safety switches are different from circuit breakers. Circuit breakers prevent electrical disasters when there’s a high current fault by safeguarding an electrical circuit by cutting the power off.

Safety switches, on the other hand, cut off electrical supply when they detect a leakage to earth. While circuit breakers are intended for protecting wiring and appliances, safety switches are installed for protecting people.

How Often Should I Test My Safety Switches?
Safety switches should be tested every three months. When you go to your switchboard, the safety switches have a “T” label as a testing button. Just like any electrical appliance in the home, safety switches should be regularly tested to see if they work properly or not. This testing makes all the difference in your home.

To test if your safety switch is working properly, press the “T” button. It should trip to the “off” position immediately. Then, return the button to the “on” position. If it turns back to the “on” position, your safety switch is working just fine. If your safety switch doesn’t turn to an “off” position when you press the “T” button, switch off the power immediately and contact a licensed electrician.

How Long Does a Safety Switch Last?
According to Australian metrics, a safety switch should last approximately 4000 tests. They are designed to last a lifetime unless the device is damaged or isn’t working properly.

However, look out for the following signs that will help tell you that your safety switch may need to be replaced:

Strange smell
When you notice a strange smell with your appliances or from the switchboard, stop, disconnect the appliance in question and call a licensed electrician. Also, when you notice recurring sparking and it is yellow in color, this is a sign of a serious underlying electrical issue. When the sparking is accompanied by a burning smell, call an electrician immediately.

Hot switches
If your switches are hot when you touch them, it’s time to call a licensed electrician to take a closer look.

One of the signs that your outlets and switches are working properly is if they operate in silence. Therefore, if you notice noise coming from your switchboard or switches, shut off the power and contact an electrician.

Once you notice any of the above signs, it is vital to call a licensed electrician. Do not try to fix this yourself. This isn’t only dangerous but also illegal. The Australian government makes it illegal to do unlicensed electrical work.

Why should you hire a licensed electrician?
Hiring a licensed electrician is beneficial to you and those around you. Yes, you may need to spend extra dollars but it’s worth it.
The benefits of hiring a licensed electrician include:

Guaranteed professionalism
A licensed electrician has been professionally trained and has the expertise to work on your safety switch. They carry out their work guided by professional standards and safety codes. If shoddy electrical work is done by an untrained person, it can have fatal consequences.

Safety assurance
Licensed electricians are guided by professional standards thereby guaranteeing your safety.

If you notice any of these warning signs about your safety switch or you aren’t sure whether your house has any safety switches installed, you can call a licensed electrician to help check and replace your safety switches.