Canberra Electrician’s Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill

Canberra Electrician’s Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill

Switching on your appliances, lights and entertainment is an incredible luxury that’s become a modern-life necessity for everyday Australians. That we need electricity to get through the day is a given, but what we can sometimes forget, through automatic reactions and the fast pace of our day, is that how we use energy and what we pay for it is somewhat within our control.

While you might not have had to think about your energy use too much in the past, the rising cost of living, including the astronomical price increases for electricity has put pressure on homeowners trying to make ends meet. Coupled with higher energy prices you may also be spending more time at home, so your energy consumption is rising along with those big price tags. It can feel overwhelming to be hit with yet another energy price increase, especially as it comes with a feeling there is nothing you can do about it.

This guide is here as a reminder for how you can make energy-saving choices around your home that give you more control over your energy payments.

Tips to reduce your energy bills
By having a better understanding of your energy bills and what the big contributors are you can make some changes that target your energy hot spots and get moving on setting up the right systems from the right suppliers in your local area.

Switch off when not in use
This sounds too simple to work but it has a big impact. Switch power points off at the wall, turn off lights when the room is empty and hot stop on temperature control devices when you go to bed. Having quality bedding that is suitable for the climate will mean you can get a good night’s sleep without the need for extra power.

Change to LED light globes
When set up correctly, energy-efficient globes save as much as 80% on lighting expenses. LED bulbs use less power and are more durable. If you are not getting these benefits it could be that your LED lighting is not set up correctly. Contact a local licensed electrician to get the right LED set up for proven savings.

Be smart about your whitegoods use
Bigger appliances are big consumers of electricity so using them in the right way can make a big difference.
  • Washing machine
    Wait until your washing machine is full before you run it and go for shorter eco cycles and cold wash wherever possible. If you have a clothes dryer, reduce the use for essential items like rainy weather and make sure clothes are spun dry to the maximum to reduce tumbling time.
  • Fridge
    Fridges are big energy gobblers because they run all the time. Ideally your fridge should be set to 4 or 5 degrees Celsius and your freezer -15 to -18 degrees. Any colder and you are burning more energy than you need. For efficient running at these temperatures make sure the door seals are intact and tight and there are no gaps for cold air to escape.
  • Dishwasher
    Run your dishwasher when it’s full and use the economy setting which is the fastest option.
Switch to solar energy
If you have been considering solar energy or solar hot water, high energy prices might be just the motivation you need to call about a quote. Most households are able to cover the costs of purchase and installation within a few years. Ask a qualified solar electrical professional how

As you can see, some changes are so slight you won’t even notice, while others will become positive habits with a little time and effort. Once you see the savings on your energy bill you’ll be inspired to take on even more of these tips and really get those energy costs down.