Common Causes of Blackouts at Home

Common Causes of Blackouts at Home

Blackouts can be seriously disruptive to your daily life, and these events often come seemingly out of nowhere. Although you may not expect a blackout to occur, you'll nearly always be able to identify the primary cause of the power outage. In general, there is either an external or internal cause to any blackout you are experiencing. Here's a look at some of the most common and what you can do about them.

External Causes of Blackouts

In some cases, there is nothing actually wrong with your electrical system when a blackout occurs. In these scenarios, you are looking at an external problem. If your house is the only one in your neighbourhood without power, the most likely cause of your power outage is an issue with your account, like an overdue bill or misplaced payment. Reaching out to your electric company to resolve the issue is typically all you'll need to do to get your power restored.

If your account is up to date and you notice that there are other houses without power nearby, you are likely in the midst of a blackout. Storms, fallen trees, excavation digging, animals gnawing through electrical equipment, and other complications beyond your control can all knock out your electricity temporarily. You may also occasionally experience blackouts when the main power grid is overloaded during times of heavy usage.

Internal Causes of Blackouts

The electrical system in your home can encounter problems as well. For example, if you tried to turn on a light or appliance and the power immediately went out, the most likely culprit is a tripped fuse. Resetting the fuse is typically all you'll have to do to restore your power. If tripped fuses are a regular occurrence in your home, the problem could lie in the circuit breaker itself. For these types of issues, you'll need an electrician to identify the problem and complete the repairs.

Overloading your power boards is another common cause of residential blackouts. Of course, power boards offer a convenient way to add extra power points to your home, but it is possible to overload them. Try to minimise the number of devices you have plugged in at one time, keeping only those that require constant power. For other devices, you can simply plug and unplug them as needed to keep your power board running smoothly.

Minimise Blackouts with Electrical Upgrades

While there is not much you can do to prevent blackouts with external causes, you can take steps to prevent internally caused blackouts. Upgrading your home's wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and electrical safety features can minimise your risk of blackouts by making your system more capable of handling modern electrical needs. If there is no power to your home, a qualified electrician, like those at Absolutely On Time Electrical, can help. Reach out with any enquiries or to schedule an appointment to service your electrical system.